• Making Money With dōTERRA

    That's right! You can earn money when you help others get their own oils and I can help you do it. You can share a little to help pay for your oils, or you can partner with me to become an essential oil coach and put yourself on an accelerated retirement track. If you have a business already you can also sell dōTERRA as an additional revenue stream.


    There are so many ways to help others get started with their own oil journey and these products are so good they sell themselves. Seriously. I feel like I accidentally started selling cause everyone wanted what I had! It was like wildfire. The best way to do any of it is to schedule a business chat with me so do it while it's on your mind. One chat could change your life!

  • 5 Great Reasons To Share With Friends And Family

    ​1. Earn money toward your own oils!

    2. Make an impact on your loved ones' health.

    3. Save them from the oils they'll pick up at the store that are full of toxins and chemicals.

    4. Keep them from stealing your stash!

    5. Have something fun in common with the people you love.





  • 6 Great Reasons To Become An Essential Oil Coach

    1. Build full-time money in part-time hours. Or build even faster with full-time hours.

    2. Flexibility to set your own schedule.

    3. Ability to build this income while still working a full-time traditional job or stay at home mom.

    4. Residual income that doesn’t stop coming if you stop working.

    5. Retirement earlier than you ever thought possible.

    6. Making an impact by helping others with their health.


  • 3 Great Reasons To Sell dōTERRA Through Your...Clinic, Salon, Gym, Dentist Office, Health Store, Yoga Studio, Fitness Coaching Business, Etc

    1. Who couldn’t use more revenue?

    2. There’s a lot of competition and your customers need more reasons to choose you. Offering them a way to get trusted natural products, to enhance the

    services you offer, will set your business apart.

    3. If you sell wholesale accounts. in addition to retail, then in a few years your oil business will be the money maker, and your original business will be the extra revenue!


    >Click here to learn about selling oils in your business.




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